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MEMORIAL Hospital in Istanbul

About MEMORIAL Hospitals in Istanbul

MEMORIAL Sisli Hospital, founded in 1995, is the first hospital of the chain. The hospital became fully operational in 1999. A few years later it became the first medical organisation in Turkey to receive a Joint Commission International (JCI) certification. MEMORIAL Sisli is well-known in areas such as cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, In-Vitro Fertilisation and organ transplantation. Some parts of the hospital have been recently renovated and it now features advanced hospital systems and provides excellent patient comfort.

Medical Care and Procedures at MEMORIAL Hospitals in Istanbul

Staffed with some of the leading medical professionals in Turkey, MEMORIAL Hospitals have a number of medical departments. With respect to the demands of our international patients, we are pleased to offer our top-end services in IVF treatments, Bariatric surgery, leading plastic surgery team in Antalya, as well as hair transplantation procedures.